Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Many Why's

There's so much I simply don't understand about this life sometimes. Right now there are so many, "Why's" being asked in my head and especially my heart. Am I simply supposed to yearn for a life absent of anything out of the ordinary? Some days that would be a whole lot easier than a full life that brings heartache.


curious servant said...

A good friend of mine was telling me the other day about his desire to have an experience of God that would be life changing

Is this what you mean?

Cinder said...

When I wrote this post I had been praying through going on another missions trip, but had made the hard decision to say no and continue to wait patiently for that moment when He says, "Now it's time to go...and this is where!" It was frustrating to feel that I am supposed to eventually go on another trip, but to continue to see the stop sign and the prompting of "Wait...not now!"

I had also received three calls...two about people I grew up with and one about my friend...who had passed away. I think those death calls in themselves cause a person to re-examine and yearn for life to be more.

Really, I just want to experience this life to the fullest. To be content, regardless of what it presents. I want to learn and grow...but I think that's simply what He wants from each of us.