Friday, February 2, 2007

Non-Publishable Ramblings

There doesn't have to be an explanation for every event which happens in this lifetime. Things won't always be peachy, how you want them or perceived how you think they should be. Bad things happen and sometimes it pours down in a torrential flood.

You have choices in all things...choose to deal with what comes your way, live through it and come out stronger....or choose to let it get the best of you, rob and strip you of everything you are and become am empty shell of who you once were. You can choose life, despite all which might fly your way or you can choose death, which might come in a large variety of ways...from emotional to social to imminent death from this world by your own actions.

Life is full of consequences and choices....there are pros and cons to each and everyone. Not everything is worth the fight and will never be able to change some things. You need to make choices with care, 'cause they all have eternal consequences in a variety of levels, especially those choices dealing with choosing death from things. We will all have to stand before Him and give an account of our life...choices and actions, both good and bad. That accountability meeting will happen, whether we choose to make it happen sooner or allow it to happen at the scheduled appointment.

Whether a person tries to take control, decide the fate of their life themselves and then have to give an explanation of why they potentially sold life short or they find a way to give over complete control, find strength in Him and learn to live through what comes their way and allow themselves to experience all that He potentially has planned for their life. Life's sometimes a huge seesaw—depending on the day, both sides of the coin glisten and catch the eye.

I guess the real question is which side will be most eternally satisfying?

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